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This is the last in my initial series on Style.  This series was meant to help you to figure out your own individual style.  I hope we achieved that.  I am always available to help individually.  Just comment below.


The last category that is important to touch on is Lifestyle; that will greatly affect what direction may be right for you.  I started my business 25 years ago.  The women who resonate with my vibe have been buying my clothing for 25 years and in that time their lives have changed.  They may have been mothers and are now grandmothers.  Many went from career gals to retired.  The best thing is that most of those women are still wearing Steel Pony regardless of the stage-of-life they are in.


Modal  career gal

Chloe cotton topMaybe  you are a student.  More casual styles like the Chloe top and Taylor top might be the perfect pieces for you.

Catherine Modal dressDo you have a party life?  Well, if you are also a Career Gal, you can take a basic dress like the Catherine Dress and throw on one of our Special pieces to take you from work to that party. The Kali Jacket is easy to throw on and immediately dresses the outfit up.Party Jackey

If you are a Career Gal, you might consider our SP Essentials Collection.  The nice thing about that collection is that it can go from day to night.  It is great for traveling and timeless enough that you will still be wearing it 20+ years down the road.





Are you naturally active?  Then you want clothing that breathes and moves with your body.  Here are some suggestions that fit that lifestyle.Knit activewear


Ashley Modal topA lady of leisure?  You don’t need those uptight tailored styles.  Your style should be as relaxed as you are. The Ashley top is so comfortable and flattering.  It moves with you.

The Free Spirit.  Layering may be your thing.  The key to that look is drape.  Here we are pairing 3 pieces that are coming out for summer.  They are soft Silhouettes layered together perfectly.

Summer Linen and Cotton Collection


The most important take away is that you can use the same items in your closet to create all the look you want.  You just need to have the right things.  If you buy quality clothing a shirt you bought 10 years ago can be great with that new skirt.  Maybe you have some sort dresses you wore back in the day.  Today you can wear them as a tunic with pants or leggings.  

Your lifestyle may change, how you wear the clothing may change but if you purchase wisely your clothing can take you thru all the stages.  Let me know what you have from the past and how you wear it today.

Until next time...

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