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our story

Working in the Fashion Industry, you see first hand the wastefulness with some consumption waste as high as 30% or more.  What a waste! 

All of that going into landfills.

Not only that, but the factory has to have someone to pick it up and dump it.

I love creating new things so I started to think about what I could do with all that excess fabric that has already been cut.  

I have another company called Steel Pony where we make and sell "Boho" clothing.  We sell to other stores and will as online and in our Brick & Mortar store in Philadelphia.  I asked our cutter to please save all of my outcuts (fabric that becomes scrap because 100% consumption is rare.  I started collection that in boxes, waiting to figure out how to use it.  I had already been doing a lot of upcycling and using my "scrap"  on hand to make other things, so I started playing with it to find other things to make out of it.

I had a light bulb moment.  Why not start a sister company and dedicate it to using all that excess.

Almost-Zero was born.

Almost-Zero:  Dedicated to using as much waste as possible to create great products and support Non Profits that align with our Mission.

a few things we have been making for our new shop

Headbands are made from our Modal outcuts.  Fun to wear and so comfy.  Our customers get get enough of them.

Our Journals are made from pieces of fabric that are too small to make into garments.  They are re-constructed into fabric.  We use the fabric to make our journals FAB!

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