Customer Letters

How I feel when I wear Steel Pony...................Clare Dubin

Special, that’s how I feel whenever I wear my Steel Pony clothes. I’ve been retired for almost 10 years, and with my retirement came the freedom to wear whatever I want wherever I go. No more corporate attire for me! I gave that part of my wardrobe to Career Wardrobe, a non-profit organization where women in transition can obtain career appropriate clothing and gain the confidence they need to in order to achieve the next level of gainful employment

After a few years of wearing jeans, khakis, shirts and tees, I re-discovered Steel Pony at a street fair in Philadelphia, where they are located and where I live. I was delighted. I had worn a few Steel Pony outfits about 10 years ago when I lived in Maryland and didn’t know they still existed. So I started to buy two or three pieces every spring and fall until I had a complete Steel Pony wardrobe, not that that will stop me from buying new pieces.

When I get up in the morning and look in my closet, I feel more positive. My mood brightens regardless of what lies ahead. With the versatility of and ability to mix and match pieces, I always come up with the perfect outfit whether I am running everyday errands, meeting friends, attending services, or enjoying time with family. What a great way to start off the day. When I dress in Steel Pony, I feel positive, pretty, and very special.

I have to say it must show on my face. I think it’s quite remarkable that I get so many complements from people, whether I see them fairly regularly or infrequently. And I’ll never forget the day I wore one of my favorite outfits and a total stranger stopped me on the sidewalk and told me I looked beautiful. It just doesn’t get better than that. So special is my word for describing the beautiful Steel Pony clothes and the way I feel when I wear them.