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Every bag, wallet, bracelet is handsewn by the artist who takes special care to make sure your piece is perfect, One of a Kind and built to last

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ethically sourced

Dennis strives to work with leathers that are obtained from animals raised for food like this Snapping Turtle. The hides were previously thrown in the trash. Dennis makes beautiful pieces from them.

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"The bag has just arrived and it is EXACTLY what I expected it to be!  About 3 years ago I purchased the light buffalo Journey Bag that is basically the same as this one (it has a tail on the front) at the Morristown show.  I have used it every day since I got it which is VERY unusual for me.  I feel like it has been a part of me and I have gotten many, many comments on it.  When I saw this one on your site, I felt it was time to change things up with the darker leather. I’m a walking, breathing advocate for buying hand-made from US artists and your bags fit me to a “T”!!!! Glad to see that your craftsmanship has only gotten stronger over  the years.  I’ll use this one with pride…. " Shirley

"I absolutely love the bag! The size is perfect as is the length & thickness of the straps. The different leathers feel wonderful - I love like the variety of colors & textures. I know I will enjoy the bag - It really is perfect for me. Thank you so much, Dennis. I’m honored to have a custom Journey Bag!"...Jessica