The Founders

Hey there! I'm Joanne, one of the folks behind Steel Pony and a lover of all things textiles. I also happen to be a Reiki Master, weaving healing energy into my creations. Whether it's creating gorgeous garments, crafting meditation essentials, or designing beautiful journals, each piece is made to make you feel divine. Come along with me on this amazing journey where we combine sophistication with healing vibes. Can't wait to connect with you and hear your thoughts!

Joanne Litz and Dennis Wolk are the husband-and-wife couple behind Steel Pony. Joanne is the main Designer behind the clothing collection, while Dennis, executes Specialty dying processes and handbag design. Their roots have always been in fashion; Litz as a successful Design Director and Wolk as a display manager for storefronts that included Bloomingdale’s, Strawbridge’s, and more. After years of seeing first-hand how fashion products deteriorated the environment, the duo teamed up to launch Steel Pony in 1992, using only eco-friendly processes, fabrics, and dyes. In spring 2015, they opened their first store in the heart of the Fabric District in Philadelphia.

Success Stories

"When I purchase a new Steel Pony piece, I know that it will look great with other pieces that I have purchased over the years. The colors and styles seem to play well together. My mother taught me to average the cost of the piece over how many times I would wear it. In the case of Steel Pony, I always get my money's worth."

"Thank you for designing such amazing clothes. You've really made a difference in my life. I feel really beautiful when I wear your clothes."

Grayson Lee, Rochester, NY