Our Process

 Right now we are no longer doing our Made to Order pieces.  You can see what is available to buy on our On the Rack, BLK Collection and our Handbags.

We strive to be as Sustainable as possible.  Our main focus is to try to reduce waste where ever we can.  So, our "Made to Order" pieces are not sitting on the shelf.  When you buy one of our Made to order pieces, it is finished and dyed just for you. Once we get your order it is put into our production process.  Depending on the style it may have to go thru additional sewing prior to the Hand dying process. 

How long will my things take to ship?  Most things we ship within 10 days but since everything is made to order it can take up to 4 weeks.  You can always inquire and we will give you a better idea based on what you want. If you need something by a certain date, please contact us.  We will work with you


In order to give you the best sustainable products, we had to chart our own course. We take care in what we choose. The goal is to exceed expectations. To that end we spend a lot of time searching for fabrics that can deliver quality and value as well as being naturally sustainable.

The Cotton Jersey we use is grown spun and knitted in California.

The Modal/Lycra we use is also knit in the same mill. Learn mire about Modal.

 All the sewing takes place in either Allentown, PA or our Philadelphia Studio and the dyeing is done in our Studio as well. Yes, we might go a bit overboard, but our customers expect the attention to detail.


We do many different things at Steel Pony, but when I think Process I think about our dyeing. This is what makes us different than other companies. We do all of our dyeing in our studio. Our process starts with the development of our colors. Each color is formulated in our studio. We have developed our own techniques giving each piece its own one-of-a-kind look. Never Solid. Everything is garment dyed by hand in small “vats.” That is when we are doing a one color immersion dye but we also do a lot of specialty dyeing as well. Always experimenting with new techniques.

I know there is a lot of talk about natural dyes. I have done intensive research in this area and came to the conclusion that it is not always the best route when dyeing. Our dyes are water soluble. In order for natural dyes to be at all color fast you need to use heavy metals which leach into the soil and contaminate. Our dyes are color fast and can be disposed of down the drain with no harm to the environment, 


I am inspired by everything around me.

Sometimes there is a color in nature that I want to recreate or something in Architecture that makes me look at shape in a new way.

It is however, in my dreams that I create.

Sounds hokey but that is how I design each collection.

The styles come to me during the night so when I sit down to draw it comes naturally.