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The word shibori comes from the Japanese verb root shiboru, “to wring, squeeze, press.” The closest translation would be “shaped-resist dyeing.” The shaping process reserves areas that are recorded as patterns with characteristically soft edges and crinkled textures when cloth is dyed.

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Steel Pony In The News

Twenty5Square Magazine "Holiday Shopping Guide"
December 2015

Steel Pony is a sustainable fashion company that is best known for their Bohemian chic women’s wear. Based in Philadelphia since 1992, designers Joanne Litz and Dennis Wolk have expanded their small business opening a retail shop on Philadelphia’s Historic Fabric Row. The husband and wife team built the Steel Pony brand by creating sustainable, eco-friendly clothing and a line of exotic leather handbags: Journey Bags. Featuring artisan clothing made in the USA, the new boutique also houses their studio space allowing shoppers to get a first-hand look and deeper appreciation of the art, skill and quality of what Steel Pony’s creating. READ MORE>>


Queen Village Neighborhood Association Magazine
November 2015



Grid Magazine, November 2015: Comings and Goings
October 30, 2015

Steel Pony Finds a Home on Fabric Row Artisanal designers Joanne Litz and Dennis Wolk have been producing sustainably minded clothing and handbags since 1992. Their high-end bohemian-chic women’s wear has found a home of its own in their newly opened storefront on historic Fabric Row at 758 S. 4th Street. The new boutique will provide a sophisticated selection of handmade clothing and accessories, all made in America. They source fabric from California, have it knitted in North Carolina and dye it all themselves in their Philadelphia studio. “Most brands are all image in their retail environments,” explains Litz in a blog post. “We hope to give our customers a better understanding of the value they are buying.” READ MORE>>


Flying Kite Media, "sew and tell: fabric row is philly's next hot street"
June 30, 2015 - by Samantha Wittchen

More evidence of the corridor's transformation is apparent at Steel Pony, a sustainable clothing and handbag shop that moved from a largely invisible second floor studio at 8th and Reed Streets to the space that once housed the Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet. Thanks to its new occupants, the sterile, utilitarian feel of the Fabric Outlet has given way to a warm, colorful space where the entire production process happens on-site, from fabric dying in the back to clothing construction in the middle and sales in the front. READ MORE>>


Philadelphia Weekly, "Shop local: The Baby Bag at Steel Pony"
May 20, 2015 - by Sheena Lester

Y’know, moms-to-be get positively ignored in the gift-giving department once li’l Junior makes their pending presence known. At showers, who gets presents? The baby—and he or she isn’t even here yet! Thankfully, these ultra-charming baby bags at Steel Pony, the lovely lil’ boho boutique nestled on Fabric Row, are two gifts in one for both mother and child: Each plush, oversized clutch-pouch is accented by a bejeweled catch and contains an infant’s cap and t-shirt with a hand-painted design by designer Joanne Litz, who goes out of her way to give every piece its own unique character. That’s the mark of every item at Steel Pony, where no article in their extensive clothing and handbag collection is the same. Litz and her bag-designer husband, Dennis Wolk, hand-dye and independently construct each item, using environmentally-safe processes, paints, fabrics and recycled leather. READ MORE>>



Boho Style Clothes Fashion Leader, Steel Pony, Announces a Spectacular Philadelphia Destination for their Fall Studio Sale

Leading Artisan clothing company, Steel Pony, will be hosting their semi-annual studio sale at fellow Philadelphia artist Isaiah Zagar’s idyllic creative space. Read More

Fall 2014

Steel Pony Featured as Guest Designer for Models and Fashion Photographers South Jersey Fall 2014 Fashion Photoshoot

 Steel Pony, an eco-friendly fashion clothing designer renowned for leading the way in sustainability and artisan apparel for woman of all ages and sizes, is no stranger to looking outside of the box for creative new ideas. Read More
Behind the scenes at the meet up



Steel Pony, Sustainable Clothing Online Shopping Store, Launches New Website With Personal Shopper

 Leading sustainable clothing brand, Steel Pony, launches a new website this month aiming to make the online shopping experience more personal. The new onlinestore site showcases the designer boho chic clothes in a plethora of shiny new features: a personal shopper, web exclusive garments, heightened social media integration & blog - loaded with featured pages to heighten the shopping experience for customers. Read More


Steel Pony Inspires Their "Tribe" With Spring 2014's Ethnic Mix Collection

Westernized tribal chic style has exploded all over the main spreads of fashion magazines and roared down runways worldwide, hitting a fever pitch in popularity for the Spring 2014 season. Steel Pony designer & owner Joanne Litz heard the call through her own new found interest: djembe drumming Read More

Boho Ethnic Mix Outfit


Steel Pony Donates Portion of Sales to The Morris Animal Foundation

We believe we are our own village at Steel Pony and through this unique partnership, we know we can make a real change as a group.  Read More