Story Behind Sleeves in a Bag

Hi, I'm Joanne

Every time I would go into a restaurant where the air conditioning was blasting away or got on a plane or so many other places where they keep the temperature below human feeling, I wished I had something I could whip out to cover my goose pimpled arms.

In the realm of freezing dining experiences and chilly flights, I longed for a solution that seamlessly blended style with the essential warmth we crave. The frustration of bringing a sweater or jacket, only to leave it behind, struck a personal chord. These moments of discomfort fueled my determination to create SleevesInABag.

Imagine a sustainable shrug made from the Beech tree, the very essence of sustainable fashion. Not only does it shield you from the cold, but it also unfolds effortlessly from a compact bag, ready to embrace you when needed. SleevesInABag goes beyond being a garment; it's a portable hug, designed with the understanding that comfort should never be sacrificed for style.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's my mission. With SleevesInABag, we plant a tree with every order placed, contributing to a greener, more vibrant planet. The fabric, derived from the Beech tree, adds a deeper layer to the mission, ensuring that every step you take is a step towards environmental consciousness.

I am a Fashion Designer by trade so I decided to resolve this problem.  That is how SleevesinaBag was born.  We have been making and selling them thru our Steel Pony Brand since 2015  but it was time to give them a front row seat and expose you to the perfect accessory.

Once you have a pair-you will wonder what you did before...