You are a Classic Boho



Classic and Boho are not usually spoken together but we are Boho focused so our categories keep that in mind.  In this context classic is defined as basic/more minimal styling  As a Classic Boho personality there is probably a creative side to you, even if this comes out in your spare time or your hobbies rather than your day job.
  A classic wardrobe lasts, rarely goes out of style, and a few well-selected pieces can take you just about anywhere at any time.

How To Be Sure You Have A Classic Boho Style Personality
Most women find they have one main style personality but are drawn to elements of others.
Here are some  ways to determine if you have a classic style personality…

As A Classic Style Personality You Prefer Timeless Looks

While you are aware of the trends, you prefer classic looks which are totally timeless. The clothes, shoes and accessories you wear look stylish year after year.

You Don’t Like Throwaway Fashion
You aren’t one to hit the shops every weekend. You would rather have fewer, quality pieces in your closet that you know will last you for seasons.

You Tend To Have Classic Colors In Your Closet
If I opened your closet, I would likely find a lot of neutrals, but you do like classic shades such as Navy.

Also, if I were to take a peak into your wardrobe, I would probably see you have many of the SP Essential type styles that I will b describing here.

You Always Look Elegant And Well Put Together

You aren’t bothered about being the trendiest person in the room.
But you do always look elegant, refined and your outfits are well put together.

Here Are Tips On How To Build Your Own Classic Capsule Wardrobe

Start With A Neutral Palette
Choose understated colors like black, navy, gray or tan work as an anchor color to build your classic capsule wardrobe.

If you naturally have a classic style personality, then you will prefer outfits which are simple and uncomplicated.
Choose wardrobe staples in one of these neutrals and build your capsule wardrobe from there.

Rules’ Of Classic Style

  • If you’d like to create your own minimalist capsule wardrobe, keep these “rules” in mind:
  • Highlight one stand-out accessory or one unique detail.
  • Choose understated, neutral colors like black, navy, white and gray to build a solid minimalist base.
  • Select styles of clothing that showcase a clean, long line.
  • Choose tops, pants and jackets that follow the lines of the body, but aren’t too clingy or too baggy.
  • Steer clear of ruffles, embellishments, or overly trendy details.
  • Wear columns of solid colors (or if you do include prints, choose monochrome or subtle tone on tone prints)

Here is some inspiration.

We have curated a Collection for the Classic girl 


Hi and Welcome

I am Joanne Litz from Steel Pony.  I make Boho look good no matter how old you are and everything is made sweatshop free by people who care about the environment.

So, where do you shop for your Boho looks?  The ugly truth is that most "cool" bohemian trendy clothes are made of plasitic in Sweat shops.  It's modern day slavery....

Most Boho Brands are Fast Fashion- most of it wears out fast and ends up in landfills.  From poisonous rivers in Bangladesh and Indonesia to old clothing littering the shores of East Africa to microplastics in our drinking water, Fast Fashion has become one of the biggest polluters effecting the environment.

Perhaps the most alarming stat is that the the apparel industries climate impact is expected to increase 49% by 2030.  So, fashion alone will emit 4.9 metric gigations of CO2-nearly equal to total annual US greenhouse gas emissions.

And there is so much more.

Alarmed by these stats? It is time to ditch fast Boho Fashion in favor of equally stylish sustainable fashion alternatives.


I worked in the "industry" when I graduated from College, working for an importer who manufactured in many different countries.  I saw firsthand the realities of how we exploited people and places.

As a creative, I wanted to create fashion, particularly boho fashion in a Sustainable way.

Imagine a wardrobe that you want, need, love and has a positive impact on the planet all at the same time.

We have put together some great resources that we will be sending your way to help further help you with your style.  Looking forward to getting to know you.

Well Lady- I am here to help you with that.  You can find out more about me HERE.