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Steel Pony

Steel Pony Modal Catherine Dress B

Steel Pony Modal Catherine Dress B

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The Catherine Dress is the perfect garment for those who want to be creative with their fashion. Made from sustainable Modal fabric, this dress can be easily dyed or decorated to your own taste. With a roomy and flattering A-line cut, the Catherine Dress is sure to make you feel fabulous no matter what you choose to do with it. So go ahead and get creative - the possibilities are endless! I use fiber reactive dyes and have gotten great results.  The image here is a dyed version but it comes undyed white.

Modal comes, in part, from the beechwood tree. The really magical thing about this is, beechwood trees multiply by the process of “rejuvenation”. They propagate by themselves! There isn’t an extra amount of
Planting or irrigating necessary to sustain the beechwood tree. They just take nature into their own hands as if to say “We are here to help, guys! Stand back - We’ve got this.”

And it’s not like Beechwood fibers are inferior. In fact, they are SOFT, they are cozy, they are strong, and they are meant to last - which helps to solve the most important need of all - reducing the amount of things discarded and replaced.

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