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Steel Pony

Myla Special Dye Slub Cotton T on the Rack

Myla Special Dye Slub Cotton T on the Rack

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100% Cotton Slub t-shirt hand dyed in the colors of the season.

Sometimes you just want to get out of town,  you grab your bag, pack a few SP Essentials, throw on your Myla t-shirt over your Butterfly Pant,  open that door, and head west - just far enough away from the noise - both societal and mental - so that you can reconnect with the magical ideas that only you possess.

You’ll learn so many things from your journey, and you’ll return refreshed and refocused, all while sporting a stylish simplicity that frees up your energy for the new imaginings that matter the most.

* Hand-dyed and one of a kind
* 100% Cotton Slub
* Machine Wash Cold, delicate. Hang dry.

When you rock our gear, you are supporting planet Earth, sustainable fashion, and fair labor practices for artisans right here in the USA. Steel Pony is chic AND eco-friendly, so you can feel fabulous about wearing it, both inside and out.
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