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5 Most Important Factors When Choosing A Bra


Wearing the right bra offers many advantages. A perfect fit can accentuate a woman's figure and enhance her clothing. It also protects and supports the breasts. As a wardrobe essential, choosing a high-quality bra is necessary for every woman. However, doing so isn't always easy.  

While there are many brands to choose from, it's essential to know what to look for to find those that suit you best. Here are some factors that you could consider when selecting a bra: 

  • Fit 
  • You'll need to find out your correct bra size so you can find the perfect fit. To do this, you can take bust measurements at home using a tape measure. You can also go to lingerie shops that have assistants trained to get the correct measurements that you could use as a basis.  

    Aside from the size, some signs indicate whether the bra fits you well. These are as follows: 

    • The straps, bra band, and cups don't feel too loose or tight. No parts should dig into the skin or leave red marks. 
    • The cups and straps should stay in place regardless of movement. 
    • Both breasts are well supported and aren't peeking out of the bra. 
    • The cups are of the right size and give the breasts full coverage. 
    • You can breathe and move comfortably while wearing it. 

    Finding a well-fitting bra can make your outfits look better. It can also give you a boost of confidence because of how good you feel while wearing it.  

  • Design 
  • Many women wear bras based on design to make them more suitable for the clothing they want to wear on different occasions. For instance, some may prefer to wear soft cup bras at home for a more relaxed feel. Meanwhile, they may choose to wear push-up bras for going out, especially when they want a more figure-flattering silhouette. 

    If you want more flexibility in design, you can choose a convertible bra. You can style the strap of this type of bra in different ways. This way, you can conveniently wear it with strapless clothing or one-shouldered tops. To give you a better idea, you can look at Natori's latest push up bras to see some examples of convertible designs.  

  •  Fabric  
  • The kind of fabric used in a bra determines how comfortable you'd be while you wear it. The bra will be in constant contact with your skin, and it will have to absorb sweat as well. Given these considerations, the fabrics of choice are cotton and microfiber, as they're known to be the most comfortable. Lace, meanwhile, is commonly used as a decorative element for bras. It's also a light and breathable fabric ideal for lingerie.  

    The following are some of the characteristics most women look for when it comes to the bra's fabric: 

    • Soft to the touch 
    • Durable 
    • Breathable 
    • Absorbent  

    You can recognize many of these characteristics when you try on the bra. You can also identify comfortability when shopping online based on the fabric descriptions provided. 

  • Color 
  • The bra's color can also influence your whole outfit. For instance, a nude-colored bra is best to wear with light-colored or thin garments so the color difference won't be too visible. In contrast, a black or white bra may be easily noticeable underneath a light fabric, which may be unsightly, especially if you're wearing work attire.  

    However, you can enjoy more freedom with colors if you wear a casual wardrobe. You can choose brightly colored bras with visible straps on the beach as well. Given this, it's essential to have enough variety of colors that you could match with what you're wearing.  

  • Price 
  • Quality fabric and design usually come at a substantial price for bras. Aside from this, the brand name can also influence how much the undergarment will cost. Thus, it's essential to give equal importance to both quality and price so you can get the most out of what you'll pay for. You'll be washing and wearing your bras often, so you'll need something that could last for a long time with constant use.  

    Moreover, you'll need to set a budget before you go shopping for your perfect bra. You can also compare prices online so you'll know what type of bra would best suit your budget.  


    Experts recommend replacing a bra every six to nine months, depending on how often it's used. As such, you'll need to have several pieces that you could use alternately so you can prolong the life span of your undergarments. Furthermore, it's crucial to follow care instructions when it comes to washing your bras to avoid damage

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    It is also important to be aware of irregular bras and the inviting prices. I am not certain what the irregularities might be, but if ever these are purchased, discomfort will often ensue. A bargain can deliver more than what you are bargaining for. When the bra you have purchased even at the regular price, pinches; the cup is ill fitting; and the underwire causes pain or bruising, it is time to move away from that maker.
    I purchase the Bali Flower bra because I was loving the comfortable fit; it laundered well and allowed to air dry. I often purchase 4-5 at a time. I strictly stick to my favorite bra, BALI WHITE FLOWER BRA 36-C, but the ones I purchased were never a smooth fit, as if cut a little short and the side panels discolored to an ugly gray-like mesh, while cups and straps remained snow white. Was the product inferior? I have never encountered such an ugly dirty looking mesh panel. The first two bras were trashed as soon as I saw their discoloration, and the last two of that lot were equally hideous!
    I am not sure what the issue is and whether future purchases would reflect the same workmanship and choice of fabric. Has this been recorded before? I am so disappointed, and am wondering if others are reporting manufacturing issues especially with the flexible side panel discoloration. These four bras were an e-commerce purchase from Macy’s, and their response was,“No record of the fit and discoloration, but rate our support response.” I am done!

    A Davis-Brown

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