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Our Why...For Fabric

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If you read my  blog regularly, you know I talk a lot about Sustainability.  Let's face it, It is very hard to do everything right.  I do my best but the creative in me comes out and says "Hey Jo, it is OK.  I may come from China but it is cotton".  My head says that is not sustainable but my heart falls in love with a fabric I know I can not get close to home. 



Now, having said that, my first choice is to find fabric produced in the USA.  I prided myself in finding Cotton that was grown and produced here.  It is not Organic Cotton.  Did you know that  Cotton grown in the USA is banned from using heave pesticides.  In fact, it has been genetically modified to resist bugs and it uses much less water then Organic Cotton.  I believe water is a resource we can not afford to lose.  Learn more HEREShop Cotton.




One of my favorite fabrics is Modal.  Well, I wrote a whole blog post about it.  You can read it HERE.  Not only is it incredibly soft and flowy but it is manufactured in what is called a closed loop system so it does not impact the environment like Bamboo for instance which may grow quickly and abundantly but the process for Bamboo is really bad for the environment.  Our Modal does have some lycra in it but it needs it for the added stretch.  The yarn itself is produced in Austria, but the fabric is manufactured here.  Shop Modal

What is your favorite Fabric?

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Cotton first and then modal. I find cotton to be longer lasting than modal but both are very pleasant to wear. Thank you for this very useful and interesting information.


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