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Outfit Ideas for the Holidays

Here we are again.  As with last year, this year the season looks a little different.  Covid is not yet out of here although I am hoping it is in our rearview mirror.  I don't know if you feel this way as well but I really have decided comfort is as important as looking great so I put together some looks with that in mind.

The Black Outfit

I am not a huge fan off the all black, but this year I am leaning that way.  It takes a lot of the guessing out of the equation.  Plus you can use accessories to spice it up if you want.  Here are a few favorites.


Color Pop

I know for me I still have to have a pop of color


The Joy Vest

Taylor Tunic

BLK Pam Pallazzo

Get Cozy

Dress with an Edge

Sam Mesh Top in Low immersion Dye

Jet Skirt

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