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Steel Pony

BLK Pam Palazzo Modal Pant

BLK Pam Palazzo Modal Pant

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Take the next office day comfortably by storm with the Steel Pony Pam Black Palazzo Pant!

It’s chic, modern and perfect for any occasion. Not to mention, no outfit is complete without it. With wide legs that drape so nicely, this pant will have you strutting confidently up and down your workspace like the boss that you are! Plus, the waistband is extra-wide and comfortable - so you can pull off those long days with ease. Get ready to experience comfort, style and convenience all in one with Steel Pony Pam Black Palazzo Pant!

So grab them before they’re gone and be one of the first to rock this bad boy around town.

* Sustainable, eco-friendly  Modal fabric
* Machine Wash, cold delicate
* Hang to dry

The Pam Palazzo Pant will put you in a dancing mood. (You were warned.)

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