The Sewing Machine-Who New?

The Sewing Machine-Who New?

Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

Today is National Sewing Machine Day.  Did you ever wonder about it?  Most likely, unless you are an enthusiast or Maker you have never thought about it.

What if I told you, there were many who tried, many who failed and many who had patents.  The history of the sewing Machine is steeped in controversy and scandal.  Who was first?  Who Patented first?  Who invented it?  It could make your head spin.

What we know for sure is that before we had the sewing machine, there were factories where (usually women), hand sewed the garments.  There is something to be said for hand sewing.  I still love the look of that but let's face many people would pay the price for a totally handsewn outfit?  I do make some pieces like that and I can tell you, not many.

hand sewing

Photo by Vignesh Moorthy on Unsplash 

The sewing Machine, made of STEEL became the workhorse AKA "Steel Pony" of the gatment industry.  It allowed for  faster production which brought down the labor enourmosly.  It revolutionized everything.  I can only assume things got better for the workers in this industry.  However, with it brought other things.  Sweat Shops, huge industrial growth of the clothing industry leading to more sweat shops and waste which ends up in the landfills. The last part, I am trying to address by using all my cuttings.  My new project, Almost-Zero will be addressing it further.

Today, I question the future?  Do we really need all of this?  There is a Fashion Revolution going on but will it change how we buy our clothing?  I respect the machine but wonder about the place it plays in our environmental situation.

Who made your clothes?

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