You’re In The Evolving Stage!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m thrilled that you are a part of the Steel Pony community and I will do my best to help you in your style journey. Based on your feedback, it looks like you are in what I call the Evolving stage of your style journey.

Characteristics Of The Evolving Stage

I understand my body and the silhouettes that work for me. It has become second nature Although I know what flatters me, I’m not afraid to wear outfits that are not traditionally flattering but that excite me I understand my style personality but change things up from time to time to reflect different moods.

Mixing and matching is easy and I have no problem mixing prints, patterns, color and texture My wardrobe is full of things I love and reflect the different parts of who I am I have a clear signature style but it evolves as I evolve so I adapt when necessary

Accessories are an important part of my style and I never leave the house without them I accept and love my body just the way it is (even though I may use some tricks to hide the parts I like less) and feel confident about the way I look I’m not afraid to change my style as I change and I understand style is not a static thing but a continuous process

Style and fashion are fun and shopping (either online or in brick & mortar shops) is a treat

If you recognize yourself in at least 5 of these statements you are likely in the evolving stage. This Stage Is All About Owning Your Style And Carrying It Off With Confidence. Your Style Is Not Static But Constantly Evolving As You Evolve. Congratulations! You feel happy and confident about yourself and you have lots of fun styling yourself. You realize though that style is never static. It changes as you change and it’s perfectly normal to adapt or change your preferences as you evolve. This keeps your style interesting, exciting and fun! Since you are open to new points of view, you are never shy to experiment with new outfits or hairstyles as you know how to always keep elements of your signature style. You know like no other that you only evolve your style further if you keep challenging yourself!

Well lady!  You are in the right place.  We are a community of women who love to show off our style.  Join our Filly VIP Club and get connected.