Fine Tuning

You’re In The Finetuning Stage Of Your Style Journey

Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m thrilled that you are a part of the Steel Pony community and I will do my best to help you in your style journey. Based on your feedback, it looks like you are in what I call the Finetuning stage of your style journey.

Characteristics Of The Finetuning Stage

I understand my body type and know how to highlight and downplay the parts I like and dislike I’m starting to play with different silhouettes and found a few that are perfect for me I have a clear idea about my style personality now and am starting to develop a signature style

I’m getting better at mixing & matching and can build new outfits that I like from my existing clothes My wardrobe has become easier to navigate and I can easily find things even though the editing process is not complete Accessories have become part of my daily style I’m getting better at using scarves, jewelry and belts to improve my overall silhouette

I have learned how to add color, texture and print to elevate my style I’m getting better at creating balance in my outfits

My hairstyle reflects my style personality I’m getting more comfortable with makeup and know which colors suit me

If you recognize yourself in at least 5 of these statements you are likely in the refining stage.

It seems like you are pretty clear on your style but if you need any help, I have put together a few articles and quizzes to help you better refine.

What is my Body Type

What are the best Colors for Me.

All about Fit

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