Identifying Stage

You’re In The Identifying Stage Of Your Style Journey

Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m thrilled that you are a part of the steel pony community and I will do my best to help you in your style journey. Based on your feedback, it looks like you are in what I call the Identifying stage of your style journey.

Characteristics Of The Identifying Stage

You feel a bit lost when it comes to style You have no confidence in your style choices You have no idea what your style personality is You don’t understand how to dress for your body type You have no idea how to mix and match You hardly ever wear accessories and when you do, you always feel a bit uncertain about the result You often buy clothes that you never wear You have a closet full of clothes but always feel like you have nothing to wear You basically feel very blah about your style and outfits If you recognize yourself in at least 5 of these statements you are likely in this stage.
This Stage Is All About Getting Clearer On Who You Are And How To Get Your Style Groove (Back) When you’re in this stage it’s important to start learning and truly understand the basics. That will set you up for future success and will eventually lead to a more confident YOU who can dress herself with style and feel confident and beautiful.

I have spent time coming up with easy ways to help you on  your journey.  Here are a few articles and quizzes to get you started.

What is my Body Type

What are the best Colors for Me.

All about Fit

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