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Steel Pony

Tibet Medallion Bag

Tibet Medallion Bag

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What is a medallion? The long word for
“Medal”, a medallion is a talisman bestowed for merit, rank, and distinction.

What medal do you work to earn day-to-day?

I’m not talking about you wearing 15 pieces of flair, or turning in your TPS reports on time. I mean what is the tiny goal that underpins everything you do after getting out of bed each morning?

Are you a committed pet-parent? A recycling hero? Do you organize the local anarchists needlepoint meetings or have a “World’s best grandparent” license plate frame?

Whether you are shaping young minds of the future, or choosing sustainable purchases over landfill-destined packaging, you make a difference every day by the little, seemingly insignificant choices you make.

The Medallion Bag is the trophy you award yourself for the tiny, world-changing strides you champion each day. And when you see it sitting beside you in the passenger seat, or reach into it to pull out your reusable bag, you know, you KNOW, that gleaming medallion distinguishes you as a Commander-in-Chief of making change when you can, with what you have, where you are.

When you rock our gear, you are supporting planet Earth, sustainable fashion, and fair labor practices for artisans right here in the USA. Steel Pony is chic AND eco-friendly, so you can feel fabulous about wearing it, both inside and out.

* One of a kind (just like you)
* Made of Ostrich
* Padded strap is 50” long, or custom sized to order.

* Width 14”
* Length 10"
* Gusset 3”

Model is 5'3"

Bag Weight 1 LB 15 OZ

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