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Meditation Pouch Zipper Carry

Meditation Pouch Zipper Carry

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Introducing our Meditation Pouch - a unique and dramatic accessory that seamlessly combines style and functionality. This 10" pouch features an original Illustration that reminds you to Breathe. It's a masterpiece of design and utility, perfect for when you're on the move and need to carry all you Meditation supplies with you.
Key Features:

Artful Design: The centerpiece of our Meditation Pouch is an illustration I created to give a sence of calm and encourage you to breathe. 
Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality 100% polyester canvas, our Solstice Pouch is not just a work of art but also a functional accessory that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

.With a metal zipper closure. Our metal zippers are built to last, ensuring that your pouch remains reliable and chic.

Vegan Leather Pull Tab: For your convenience, the pouch is equipped with a vegan leather pull tab, offering a secure grip when you open and close your carry-all. It's all about combining fashion and function in one elegant package.

The Meditaion Pouch is the ideal companion for those moments when you want to travel with your essentials so you can meditate just like you do at home.

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