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Steel Pony

Patchwork Sweater Vest

Patchwork Sweater Vest

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Drenched in a rich boysenberry hue achieved through careful hand-dying, each stitch and patch tells a story of creativity and passion. The vibrant color adds depth to the intricate patchwork design, creating a visually stunning garment that stands out from the ordinary.

The focal point of this vest is its substantial bamboo button, adorned with an antiqued silver detail. This eye-catching closure not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a unique statement piece, showcasing the fusion of natural and industrial elements in the design.

With a generous 46" chest measurement and a length of 20", the Boysenberry Patchwork Sweater Vest offers a comfortable and versatile fit. It is perfect for layering over your favorite tops, adding a pop of color and texture to your ensemble.

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