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Steel Pony

Tabitha Modal Dress on the Rack

Tabitha Modal Dress on the Rack

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What do you do when you wanna twirl around fantastically?

You pull out the Randy tunic dress and put it on over jeans, tights, or good ol’ flesh and bone.. and then?


You twirl, babygirl, like your life depends on it, because if you aren’t celebrating the freedom of being alive, you are missing out.

This dress used to be a trade-show exclusive until one day, Steel Pony said to itself “Steel Pony? What on Earth are you doing keeping this awesomeness behind velvet ropes?”

And Steel Pony sat back in its chair, (the kind of chair that creaks ever-so-slightly as it’s leaned back into), and pulled off its glasses, and said aloud, “After some deep introspection, I must admit... I have no reasonable explanation. Thus, from this day forth, the Tabitha Tunic dress is available to be loved, (and twirled in,) BY ALL!”

And the townspeople gathered, and they cheered in unison “Hurrah!! Twirling tunics for everyone!”

It was a magical day... and now? You too are free to partake in the magic of this tunic! What are you even waiting for? ADD TO CART!

When you rock our gear, you are supporting planet Earth, sustainable fashion, and fair labor practices for artisans right here in the USA. Steel Pony is chic AND eco-friendly, so you can feel fabulous about wearing it, both inside and out.

* Hand dyed and one of a kind
* Sustainable, eco-friendly Modal fabric
* Machine Wash, cold delicate
* Hang to dry

This is a Classic Steel Pony fit.

It looks best on Pears and Oranges.  Find you body type  HERE

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