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The Ultimate Laptop Bag

The Ultimate Laptop Bag

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What’s an investment all about, anyway? It’s a promise between current you, and future you.

That’s a lot. But it’s important.

Investing in a future you is setting a goal and saying “I’m planning to meet myself there; better, wiser, and accountable.

And when you arrive, you’ll have this bag there with you as a trusty sidekick.

The two of you will have been in countless Uber’s, through airport security, and taken escalators from level 1, through glass ceilings.

You’ll need a place to keep your difference-making essentials: phone, passport, laptop.

This is the go-bag you grab on your way out the door, and into the pond, to make the tiny-yet-earth-shattering ripples that only you can make.

When you rock our gear, you are supporting planet Earth, sustainable fashion, and fair labor practices for artisans right here in the USA. Steel Pony is chic AND eco-friendly, so you can feel fabulous about wearing it, both inside and out.

* One of a kind (just like you)
* Laptop sized
* Hand sewn

Measurements 18 X 13 X 3

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