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4 Steps That Will Help You Thrive and Be Your Best During COVID-19

Guest Blog Author Abby Holt

You have a lot on your mind right now. This pandemic has been so stressful for everyone and it can be hard to know how to stay sane and healthy — especially when state and local restrictions seem to be limiting your ability to really take care of yourself.


Luckily, there are some simple ways you can efficiently manage both your physical and emotional health. Whether you prefer to shelter in place or want to get out a little more, the tips below can help.


Rock Your Personal Style


Your clothes can say a lot about you. For example, maybe you’re an art lover whose colorful personality shows in your wardrobe choices? Or you may be into the classics when it comes to your closet. Either way, being mindful when it comes to your clothing can benefit your self-esteem and mental health.


Psychologists and researchers with the APA have studied fashion to see what sort of impacts what we wear can have on our moods. Perhaps not surprisingly, these same researchers have found that psychological benefits are bolstered when consumers purchase higher quality and ethical fashion items, like handmade clothing from Steel Pony.


De-stress and Style Your Home


Now let’s talk about the other factor in your lockdown life: your home. You may not even realize this, but the atmosphere in your home can also have an impact on your health and emotions. If your home is cluttered and messy, for instance, you’re likely to feel more stressed. You may even notice more arguments among family members.


To inject more positive energy, all you need to do is clear out clutter and tidy things up. Maybe open a window or two as well. Want to feel even more confident at home? Take a quiz to see what colors work best for you and then use these shades to style your home! It may sound farfetched, but if your walls and decor compliment you, you’re going to feel amazing every day.


Clean Out Your Pantry and Fridge


While you’re decluttering your home, give a little extra love to your kitchen. Take a look inside your pantry to see what staplesyou already have. Then pull those basics out and put together some filling and healthy meals. You can make skillet rice, soups, sandwiches, and even a clear-the-pantry stew. You’ll save money and a stressful trip to the store.


If you really want to look and feel amazing, you should also fill your refrigerator with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Stocking up on healthy snacks is also going to be so much kinder to your body while helping you maintain a healthy weight. Even better, get your family together and grow your own produce — it’s a fun and healthy lockdown hobby.


Get Yourself Out for Some Sun and Fun


Here’s one tip that everyone can use right now: If you want to improve your health and well-being, get outside and get moving more every day. Exercise is a natural stress-reliever and mood-booster, but of course, you’ll be doing your body a favor as well.


Couple these already positive health effects with the benefits of being outdoors, and you have the recipe to control any lockdown anxiety or depression. As long as you take proper precautions, like wearing a mask and practicing social-distancing, there’s no reason why you can’t take up this super healthy pandemic habit — as long as local rules permit.


Don’t let pandemic stress take a toll on your health or the way you feel about yourself. Shop at Steel Pony and get dressed in clothing that feels as good as it looks. Then spend a little time improving the comfort and style of your home. Finally, take stock of your diet and fitness habits, and clean them up if needed. Soon you’ll be looking and feeling your absolute best!

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